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Appraisal Costs

Every property and every situation is different. Therefore, it can be misleading to show a chart of fees for appraisal reports and valuation services. Basic appraisal report fees start at $475. Fees can increase for larger or complex properties. Various valuation situations can also result in higher  fees. One thing I pride myself on is being fair and reasonable when I quote a fee. I also feel it is important to point out that my fees also reflect a  high level of experience and qualifications. When you contract with me for valuation services, you will be confident that the service you receive will be professional with the highest level of quality. 

To order an appraisal:

Email Kyle at

Call at 801-230-9489

   Please include-

  • Name

  • Contact information,

  • Property address 

  • Reason for needing appraisal


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